Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inventions: 10,000 BC to 5000 BC

By the time 10,000 BC to 4000 BC the civilization has spread to many regions
covering Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Ethiopia, etc and they made revolutionary changes in agriculture and in domestification of animals. They invented Pottery, Yoke, Coffee, Weaving, Concrete, etc. Lets have a look at the major inventions of that time.

10,000 BCAgriculturein the Fertile Crescent
9700 BCAdobein the Near East
9500 BCGranaryin Jordan Valley
9000 BCFixed Settlementsin Mesopotamia (modern Iraq)
9000 BCHarpoonin Polar, made of stone and wooden tubes
8700 BCMetalworking (Copper)in Mesopotamia
8500 BCWheat, Pea, Olive Cultivationin Mesopotamia
8500 BCDomestication of Sheep, Goatin Mesopotamia,first use of milk
8500 BCWalled Townin Jericho (modern Palestine)
7900 BCPotteryin China
7500 BCRice and Millet Cultivationin China, Yangtze Delta
7500 BCTerraced Roofsin Catal Huyuk (modern Turkey)
7000 BCBow drillin Mehrgarh (India)
7000 BCDental surgeryin Mehrgarh
7000 BCThe Yokein Mesopotamia, power from
7000 BCCoffeein Ethiopia
6500 BCWeavingin Middle East (modern Israel, Lebanon)
6200 BCMapin Catal Huyuk (Çatalhöyük)
6200 BCFunerary Objectsin Samarra - Mesopotamia
6000 BCMetal Smelting, Castingin Middle East
5400 BCBeer/Alcohol(wine)in Mesopotamia
5300 BCMonumental Buildingsin Mesopotamia, the first zigurats by the Eridu
5000 BCConcretein Central Europe, floor slabs for huts
5000 BCScales, Balancein Egypt

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