Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inventions in the Paleolithic Era.

Lets start with some inventions of the Paleolithic Era or the "old stone age" (In Greek, palaios
means old and lithos means stone), extending from 2.5 to 2.6 million years to
10,000 BC. Actually noone can name the inventors of those age, I think no one can.

2.4 Ma*Stone Toolsin East Africa
1.65 MaStone Toolsin Kenya
1.4 MaKnifeEthiopia
1 MaControlled firein East Africa
1 MaSterilization of food and water (cooking)in East Africa
500 kaShelter construction
100-500 kaClothing
400 kaPigmentsin Zambia
400 kaSpearsin Germany
200 kaBurialin Africa
100 kaLithic bladesin Africa and the Near East
60 kaShipsprobably used by settlers of New Guinea
50 kaFlutein Slovenia
50 kaBowin Tunisia
43 kaMiningin Swaziland and Hungary
37 kaTally sticksin Swaziland
30 kaSewing needles
26 kaCeramicsin Moravia
25 kaAtlatlin Northwest Africa
17 katwisted Rope(probably much earlier)
15 kaBoomerangin Australia
12 kaBasket weaving

* Ma,(megaannum) is a unit of time equal to one million (10^6) years
** ka, (kiloannum) is a unit of time equal to one thousand years.


Unknown said...

if you could include some more specific examples that would be great.

Unknown said...

Is there such a thing as camel hair sewing?