Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Inventions: 3000 BC to 2000 BC

The 3rd millennium BC spans from the Early to the Middle Bronze Age, during this period of time, the imperialism and the desire to conquer grew to prominence in the city states of the Middle East, Eurasia, etc. Also Ancient Egypt was in the peak of its civilization.

2900 BCPyramidin Egypt
2800 BCSoapin Mesopotamia
2800 BCSicklein Sumeria
2630 - 2611 BCStep pyramidin Imhotep (Egypt)
2600 BCPapyrus, Suture, Pharmaceutical creamin Imhotep (Egypt)
2600 BCRopein China
2600 BCMummificationin Egypt
2600 BCSewage system, Toilet Indus Valley Civilization
2500 BCFlush toilet, ArchIndus Valley Civilization (Arch in Mohenjo-daro)
2500 BCSchoolsin Sumeria
2400 BCShipyardin Lothal (Indus Valley Civilization)
2000 BCWooden Locksin Egypt
2000 BCUnderwater Tunnelin Babylonia under the river Euphrates (modern Iraq) connecting king's palace with temple

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