Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inventions: 5000 BC to 3000 BC

The 4th Millennium BC marks the beginning of the Bronze age and Writing. This period also witnessed the inventions of Silk, Plywood, Comb, Noodle, Boats etc.

4500 BCCity States and NationsMesopotamia, Indus Valley, Egypt, Yellow River civilisation
4500 BCMusical Instrumentsin Europe, Mesopotamia pipes made of bone, stringed harp
4500 BCMetalworkin Egypt
4000 BCBridgesin Africa
4000 BCCosmetics, Fragrancesin Egypt
4000 BCArithmaticin Mesopotamia by the Sumerians
4000 BCCanalin Mesopotamia
4000 BCStone paved streetin Ur (Iraq)
3807 BCTimber Engineered roadwayin England
3500 BCThe Wheel / Cartsby Sumerians
3500 BCWater Clockby Sumerians
3500 BCWritingby Sumerians
3500 BCSail Powered Boatsin Egypt (used on the Nile river)
3200 BCSilkin China (they developed the silk fabrics as early as 6000 BC)
3100 BCDrainagein the Indus Valley Civilization
3000 BCBronzein Mesopotamia
3000 BCPotter's Wheelin Mesopotamia
3000 BCSundial (Gnomon)in Egypt
3000 BCGlassin Middle East

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