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Inventions: 1st millennium BC (1000 BC to 1 BC)

The 1st millennium BC encompasses the Iron Age. It sees the rise of many
successive empires including Neo-Assyrian, Achaemenids, Roman and Hellenism
Empires In Greece; the Maury in South Asia; the Scythians in Central Asia;
Confucianism in China; the Maya civilization in Central America and the
Ethiopian civilization in Africa.
Also the religions of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism (Vedic religion and
Vedanta), Jainism and Buddhism developed by this time.

900 BCUse of Cavalryin Mesopotamia by the Assyrians
750 BCFalse Teethin Etruria by the Etruscans (modern Italy)
750 BCMetal Locks and Keysin Rome
750 BCIron Scissors and Sawsin Europe
750 BCLensesin Greece, a set of 10 magnifying lenses with holders
700 BCGalley Warshipsin Phoenicia, with multiple level oars
700 BCMusical Notationin India
650 BC3D Paintingin Greece, on vases in Corinth
650 BCWindmillin Persia, to grind corn
640 BCCoinagein Lydia (modern Turkey)
600 BCLight Housein Mediterranean, a bonfire on a tower
592 BCAnchor, Mapsin Ancient Greece
500 BCSugar, Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery (Sushruta)in India
500 BCRailwayin Greece, 7km at the Corinth canal for moving boats
500 BCPassportin Persia, to allow government officials to travel without hinderence
478 BCDemocracyin Athens, Greece
440 BCArcheryin Greece
400 BCCatapultin Greece / Carthage
400 BCMirrorin Phoenicia (modern Lebanon), from Sidon
350 BCWater Wheel, Watermillin India
323 BCMuseumin Alexandria (Egypt)
300 BCCompassin China
300 BCScrewin Greece by Archytas
200 BCArchimedes Screw, Leverin Mesopotamia, by Archimedes used for irrigation
250 BCPistonin Egypt by Ctesibius
200 BCHorseshoein Ancient Rome


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